DoD Cybersecurity Chart

The goal of the DoD Cybersecurity Policy Chart is to capture the tremendous breadth of applicable policies, some of which many cybersecurity professionals may not even be aware, in a helpful organizational scheme. The use of color, fonts and hyperlinks are all designed to provide additional assistance to cybersecurity professionals navigating their way through policy issues in order to defend their networks, systems and data.

At the bottom center of the chart is a legend that identifies the originator of each policy by a color-coding scheme. On the right hand side of the Cybersecurity Policy Chart, there are boxes, which identify key legal authorities, federal/national level cybersecurity policies, and operational and subordinate level documents that provide details on defending the DoD Information Network (DoDIN) and its assets. Links to these documents can be found in the Chart.

Chart last updated 1 May, 2024 | View the changelog

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